Black cat lying outstretched front paws looking at the camera isolated on white background

Our promise to you

Our clients love us for our unique philosophy – thorough medicine with a personal approach. Every member of our team understands the importance of treating your dog or cat with the love and respect they deserve. As we continue to grow, we promise to provide you and your pet with a truly special experience.

Rear view of a Dachshund, 4 years old, sitting and looking back against white background

What your neighbors are saying…

I recommend arroyo. Always excellent care, great staff – and everyone there really cares about your pet.


I wish there were adequate words to describe how special and wonderful everyone is at Arroyo. They have literally saved my cat Pele’s life and continue to offer him the best care ever for a chronic condition. In fact even when he is in pain he is happy to go to Arroyo and see everyone there. They don’t just provide him quality medical care, they love on him, reassure him and give him all the pets and loves he needs.

Arroyo Veterinary Hospital is about as good as a vet can be. Our pets might as well be our children (they certainly get away with more!!), and we know that the staff at Arroyo will treat them with the same love and attention to all their needs.

Over the years I think everyone who works at Arroyo has done something completely unexpected for our pets or us and and regularly exceeded our expectations. The list of good deeds is too long to share but so I’ll just say this: We’ve never seen such caring, dedicated and diligent vets, nurses and staff.