Be aware and be alert! Dangers that can affect our dogs!

Hello everyone!  Wanted to make as many of you aware of the dangers associated with this rain for our pets! Yesterday, I had my first moldy walnut case of the year!  This is a life threatening condition caused by ingestion of moldy food – usually walnuts – that are lying on the ground. – Our pets, usually dogs, often eat them unknowingly while they are ingesting other items!  (Like Kitty poop 😉 )  Some dogs just like to put them in their mouths and chew.
 The first symptom of this toxin is a head tremor, often a side to side tilting of the head, then the body starts with to quiver and shake!  These doggies need veterinary care as soon as possible. If they don’t get medical care their bodies continue to tremor and actually seizure and this will progress to hyperthermia and death.
 So watch them like hawks, don’t let them eat anything off the ground, including mushrooms, and if you have walnut trees, try to get them all up and out of their reach!.  It could save their lives!