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Veterinarians use general anesthesia for procedures that may be painful or require patients to lie perfectly still. At Arroyo, such instances include spaying or neutering, exploratory surgery, orthopedic procedures, tumor removal, dental cleaning, and dental extractions. We follow very strict standards to ensure your pet’s well-being throughout the anesthesia and post-operative healing period. We begin with a pre-operative blood test and physical exam to make sure your pet is able to tolerate the anesthesia and surgery. To administer fluids and medication, we place an intravenous catheter in a leg vein. We administer a dose of pain medication, and then insert a tracheal tube to aid breathing and to administer anesthetic gas. During surgery, a nurse monitors your pet’s vital signs and body temperature. In our recovery area, we closely observe the patient and administer any required post-operative pain medication until he or she is alert and able to walk.